Top 10 Link Building Techniques To Grow Website Traffic 2023
Top 10 Link Building Techniques To Grow Website Traffic 2023

Top 10 Link Building Techniques To Grow Website Traffic 2023

In the coming year, 2021, the ways of doing off-page activities like backlinks and link building will change.

In this article, we will see what are the 10 best ways through which you can rank your website / blog site in any search engine.

How To Do Link Building For SEO?

Link Building Techniques

So, let's start with the 10 Best ways to do Off-Page SEO & Ranking your site.

#1 "Guest Blog"

Guest blogs are a way by which you can write blogs / articles on other people's websites and create quality backlinks for yourself.

To make "Guest Blogs" you must use a keyword like Blog write for us.

Open any of the websites. If you scroll down you can see their terms and conditions with details and also see an email id there. There you need to send them an email explaining why you want to blog them.

#2 "Broken Link Building"

In this way, you can check for broken links for someone else's website.

Add this Chrome Extension "Check My Links

check my links
Picture 1

check my links
Picture 2

And open any website you want to check for broken links.

This Chrome Extension will show you no. of Broken Links this site has.

check my links
Picture 3

And you will found there, Red marks are invalid, i.e. Broken Links and the other Greens are valid links.

You can share these links with the author / Blogger and ask them for a guest blog or write an article for them once it's done and they approve it, you can start writing for them.

#3 "Local Blogger"

Local Blogger means bloggers residing near a 10-25 km radius. Connect with them and build an association.

As they have more reach with the same audience and can speak in your local language too. You can write a blog for them for the same niche.

It is very easy to find them. Use a keyword like this for your city i.e. "Mumbai Bloggers" and you will find a lot of bloggers.

View their profile, contact them, and request a local blog. Once they approve it, you will get a quality backlink for yourself through their site.

#4 "Web 2.0 Links"

In this, you visit blogging sites like Blogger, Wix, WordPress, and Medium.

You will write blogs there and add the keywords of your site that you want to rank for via links.

There will be two benefits to these links. First, your site will also start ranking, and secondly, you will also get good traffic.

#5 "Creating Resource Links"

You need to find sites that will give you useful links and people use these sites to find answers to their queries there.

For this use keywords like "useful links for health". Here you can again replace health with your particular niche. 

And you will see lot of search results for these useful links. Open these links and send them a request with the URL details of your blog site.

So they can see that you wrote a blog in the same niche that can be shared. Once your blog is shared, you will get a good PA / DA backlink for your site.

This is an advanced level technique using which you can rank very easily.

#6 "Infographic Marketing"

Infographic Marketing means to create images showing information via charts and numbers.

Once you have created such images, then search for blogs / similar topics and send the created infographics to these authors in email format.

They will use these images on their site and tada ... you get a new backlink for yourself.

#7 "Video Link Submission"

In this type, you discover such sites where you can post the videos you created.

The same way you post your videos on YouTube and share the link in the description.

You can find sites and submit your video link and get a lot of traffic for yourself

The PA and DA are also very good. You will get a No Follow backlink for sure, but the traffic is great here.

#8 "Directory Link Submission"

In this, you create your profile list in sites like Just Dial, Sulekha, etc.

And submit your links there. There are many sites like these where you can create your profile list and get backlinks for yourself.

It's No Follow again. But traffic is huge for your site. So use these sites and create a backlink for yourself

#9 "Social Bookmarking"

In general, social bookmarking doesn't matter much because you mostly get No-Follow backlinks from there.

Social bookmarking means social profiles. Just like Twitter, Instagram, and many more, you must create your accounts there and you will get No-Follow backlinks from there with huge traffic.

This will help you rank on any keyword

#10 "Blog Commenting"

Blog commenting is also known as Spam Commenting because there is a lot of spam going on there.

You can easily find many such sites that match your niche. Open such blogs and comment every time you comment remember to add value to the blog

Read the blog carefully once, then post your comments. Then your comments are not marked as SPAM and you get a good backlink for yourself which gives you a good audience and link juice.

Friends, hope you liked this article

You learned what are the 10 best ways in Off-Page SEO to create backlinks. This is very important in 2021 for you to rank your blog or website.

For any questions write in the comments below. Also, share this content with your loved ones. So that they also use these 10 ways for off-page SEO.

Thank you.

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