What Are Backlinks | How to Research Your Competitors
What Are Backlinks | How to Research Your Competitors

What Are Backlinks | How to Research Your Competitors

Let's talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), now in the world of SEO, there is a concept called backlinks, which is really important, and the reason why it's important because it constitutes toward the website ranks higher than the other. 

what are backlinks

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink is a link created when one website links with another website. Backlinks also are known as "inbound links" or "incoming links." Backlinks are vital because it helps to get traffic to your website from other sites.

In layman terms, backlinks have basically linked that point back to your website, or your digital assets. And generally, the more backlinks that you have pointed back to your website, the higher your website ranks. 

When it comes to SEO, let's just say I'm trying to rank for sony a6400 digital camera. So when we search for this keyword and let's just say I wanna rank for this keyword, so the first thing that we do is we look at what are the sites that are being ranked right now, for that particular keyword, and we can see that we have amazon.comdpreview.com, bhphotovido.comdigitalcameraworld.com.
Here one of the main reasons why we see these websites is because of branding. Branding is a very important factor of these sites here, and these sites are basically trustable, so you see them ranking up here. 

Assuming that you wanna rank your site, which also has the same amount of brand power, it's recognizable in the market itself, we wanna look at how many backlinks do these sites here have? So technically, if we can get more backlinks than these sites that appear one two three, we can rank above them. 

How Do We Look For Backlinks?

One of the ways is to use a tool called Ubersuggest. So, let's go and look at one of these results. Let's say we wanna look at digitalcameraworld.com and let's look at how many backlinks does digitalcameraworld.com has. So I'm gonna go to Ubersuggest, and let's put in digitalcameraworld.com, and make sure to change the search results to India and also English because we are doing a search within India, and you wanna rank a site for the Indian search engines, all right? So click on search, and take a few seconds, and basically, we can see the number of backlinks that this domain has. This domain has over two million backlinks. 


Now, immediately you're gonna think - Wow, this is gonna be crazy, "how can you beat a site that has two million backlinks? That is almost impossible, and this is not the proper way to consider how to defeat a website that comes up on the search engine page.

So what I'm gonna do is, instead of looking at the domain, we're gonna look at the particular page URL itself. So I'm gonna go back to my page again, and what you wanna see the particular URL, in this case, it is this particular URL, which is digitalcameraworld.com/reviews/sony-a6400-review, so we're gonna see how many backlinks does this particular URL have?
Let's go back to Ubersuggest, go down to backlinks under SEO analyzer, and put in the exact URL, and give a search. Now, we can see immediately, this backlink, we only have 43 backlinks pointing back to this particular URL, instead of that two million-plus backlinks that are around the whole site. 


Technically, we only have 43 backlinks, which means when it comes to beating digitalcameraworld.com/reviews/sony-a6400-review, we can beat them by actually getting more backlinks than them. 

For example, if you can amass maybe 50 or 60 backlinks above this page, technically, you'll be able to beat and appear on the third result, or maybe even on the second, depending on your brand, depending on the number of backlinks you have, and also the quality of your content on that page itself.

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