10 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners 2022 | Blog Tips And Tricks
10 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners 2022 | Blog Tips And Tricks

10 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners 2022 | Blog Tips And Tricks

Hi! In this article, we're going to look at 10 Top Blogging Tips For Complete Beginners.

10 top blogging tips for beginners

10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

1. Great Content

The very first one and by far the most important is having great content. This one is more vital than all the others combined. The future of blogging is going to actually revolve around providing viewers with the most helpful, valuable, and informative great content that you can. I stated before that Google really is appreciating those blogs and blog articles clearly that is really all-inclusive and content that is really informative. They definitely define a subject in its entirety. And the most important thing to focus on with the future of blogging is the quality of content. Be sure that everything that you put out or produce is quality.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Number two has solid search engine optimization. That means that you could configure your web site in any such way that google finds it clean to catalog your content. Once Google knows what your content is, it is going to be able to understand who should see it and who it must present it to in search engines.

3. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Number three is to make it mobile-friendly. An increasing number of people are browsing the web on their mobile phones. And your website should be easily readable on a mobile phone. The browser I'm using is Google Chrome and if you right-click and go to Inspect, there is a button, that looks like a little phone. And if you click on it, it will show your site as if it were on a phone. But the navigation is simple to find and the search bar works. But you can select other phones as well. And then you can also rotate it. So there in Google Chrome, you can test multiple mobile devices there. 

4. Use HTTPS

Number four is using HTTPS, Google loves this. HTTPS is a secure protocol for shifting your site across the internet. I am showing you what it looks like. "https://digitalbiswas.com/". This site is using HTTPS and you can see it below. And right next to it is a lock symbol and it says Secure. 
Not all sites use HTTPS. It used to be that people only did if they were doing eCommerce at the website or something that required encryption. These days people beings are the usage of it for just about every website and Google approves so it enhances your ranking in the Google search results if you're using HTTPS. It also used to be very expensive.  However, nowadays there is an element called let's encrypt which does it free.

5. Encourage Comments

Number five is to encourage comments. Conversation to your site can drive a massive quantity of visitors and you can learn some great new stuff about your own content. In Blogger and WordPress, at the bottom of the page is a checkbox to allow people to post comments on their articles. And remember that it says those settings can be overridden for individual articles. So if there is a specific one you don't want comments, you can do that. 

6. Fights Spam

Number six fights spam. While you open up comments, you will get spam on your website. And negative spam can harm you just as much as positive comments can help you. Fortunately, there is an exceptional manner to deal with this. There is a popular plugin for the WordPress website called Akismet.

7. Cross-Promotion

Number seven is cross-promotion social media automatically. You want to be sure to cross-promote on social media, however, it can be tedious after you have published a blog post to visit Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, and all other sites. Thankfully, there are tools that do this for you automatically. This plugin is called Post Promoter Pro. And right in your own website, you can inform it to cross-post to all of the social media networks for you. It does accurate monitoring, it's easy, and if you are doing e-commerce, it is able to even help visualize your sales.

8. E-mail Subscribe

Number eight is to allow people to subscribe to your posts via email. Some people simply like to get their content in their email delivered to them so they don't have to go out and search it. Luckily, there is a plugin, Postmatic to permit your blog to email people your blog posts. Postmatic allows people to sign up for your blog to get your posts via email. It is very simple. It just places a form in your sidebar. They positioned it in their email cope with and then they begin getting your blog posts.

9. Use Images

Number nine is use images for visual appeal. People respond to images far more than they respond to the text. An attractive image can draw them into your text content. I strongly suggest www.pexels.com. Because you can download it free. There are over 50,000 copyright-free photos on this site and they are great. Every topic you can imagine.

10. Website speed

Number ten is website speed, you are going to require a fast loading website. Google would like to rank a website that loads fastly compared to another website that loads very slow. From a user perspective, you don't want to have people really getting annoyed by how long it takes for your webpage loading as they are operating your site. That is just going to provide a poor user experience and you can actually get rewarded if your website is fast loading within the search engines and you can outrank your competitors compared to a lower ranking website.

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