What Is The Future Of Blogging? | Is Blogging Still Worth It? | 2025
What Is The Future Of Blogging? | Is Blogging Still Worth It? | 2025

What Is The Future Of Blogging? | Is Blogging Still Worth It? | 2025

Hey, I am going to address two questions. One is Blogging still worth it? And second, what is the Future of Blogging

Is Blogging Still Worth It?

Blogging is still highly relevant. Yes, blogging will change in the future. It's going to morph. You have to adapt and adjust and evolve as a blogger, but there is always going to be some form of blogging moving forward. 

Seeing you're creating high-quality content that is helpful to your readers. I trust blogging is always and will always be worth it. Now where blogging wouldn't it be worth it is if you are not writing high-quality content. If you're just slapping together really quick, low-quality short articles just to try to gain some rankings or whatever your motive is there, then Blogging's not going to be worth it. 

Google always is looking for high-quality all-inclusive type content to provide its readers. So blogging is definitely still worth it, but make sure you are writing this high-quality content in order to compete. 

future of blogging

What Is The Future Of Blogging? 

We will discuss the future of blogging and basically what you should be focusing on.

1. Quality of content should be the main priority. 

The future of blogging is going to actually revolve around providing readers with the most helpful, valuable, and informative content that you can. I said before that Google really is rewarding those blogs and blog articles clearly that is really all-inclusive and content that is really informative. They really define a topic in its entirety. And one of the most important areas to focus on with the future of blogging is the quality of content. Be sure that everything that you put out and everything that you produce is quality.

2. You want to make sure that you are incorporating YouTube videos into your blog content. 

When we say about the future of blogging, I really think YouTube is very important in that. A huge number of people are using YouTube as a search engine more than ever now. There's a lot of traffic and there's a lot of engagement on YouTube. So it's important that you absorb that one, you start a YouTube channel to begin with, but that you also combine this with your blogging as well, so meaning that you insert some of your YouTube content onto your blog, make sure that you are putting videos into some of your blog content. And also just making sure that you are generating content on YouTube on a regular basis.

Lots of people nowadays liking to watch a YouTube video over reading a blog article. For example, strictly just because that is how things seem to be moving, YouTube is getting more famous. Video content is getting more and more famous, so it's important that you definitely embrace YouTube and if you haven't started a channel already, definitely get onto building up your YouTube channel. 

If you're a blogger and absorb video content into your blog as well and make sure you're cross-promoting, make sure you're telling your readers about your YouTube channel on your blog article and vice versa. Make sure on your YouTube channel you're saying your viewers about your blog. So YouTube is sure a part of the future of blogging and it's essentially important that you are set up and making quality content on YouTube as well. 

3. Generate content for featured snippet type results and also voice search. 

We're looking for more and more of these featured snippet type search results within Google, which can be a great target for a blogger to go after, these are really great quality type results that mostly are above the regular organic listings.

There are different types of featured snippets, and these can be great other targets for bloggers to move towards to rank for. Because they can bring good targeted traffic to the website. So, a lot of the future of blogging is going to be rank after these types of featured snippet type results and you can optimize your content in certain ways. You can mark it up with schema markup, which can help access some of these rankings as well.

You want to make sure that the content you're producing, utilizes bulleted lists, numbered lists, proper headers, make sure, you're asking and answering questions within your blog content. So even within your heading, ask a question and then answer it with a short description under that. This type of content and going after these types of results can really generate a lot more and prepare and produce a lot more organic targeted traffic to your website. 

Also is the voice search side of things. Voice search is absolutely going to be a part of the future of blogging. See how popular, you better know the Alexa has become and other voice search platforms as well. So, make sure that you are creating content every once in a while that is in a question and answer type format. That can really be good for ranking for voice search results as well down the road. 

4. Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly. 

This is an accessible area to target if you're a blogger. Obviously, the future of blogging is going to revolve around people operate and searching the web on their mobile phones. It's already catapult, you have got to make sure that your blog and your website is mobile friendly and mobile responsive, and especially with Google bring forth their mobile-first index, where they are indexing the mobile version of your blog. It is important if you are a blogger and it is really vital that you have everything in place when it comes to this part. 

5. Utilize social media to share your blog content. 

Social media is always evolving. If you are a blogger, you absolutely want to share your content on these popular social media platforms. 

An example of Pinterest, has just blown up in the recent years and if you're not utilizing certain social media platforms for your website, then you're going to be missing a large amount of traffic and this can be great, free targeted traffic that comes to your website from social media platforms, so make sure that you are sharing your blog content on social media platforms. 

6. Website speed matters.

Future of blogging, you're going to require to have a fast loading website. If we think about it from an SEO angle, Google would much rather rank a website that loads fastly compared to a website that loads super slack. Just from a user experience angle, you don't want to have people really getting annoyed by how long it takes for your page loading as they are operating your website. That's just going to provide a poor user experience and you can actually get rewarded if your website is fast loading within the search engines and you can outrank your competitors compared to a slower ranking website as long as your high-quality content.

This is a great way to give you a little bit of SEO rank, but it is just also necessary from a user experience view. You want your readers and followers to have the best experience on your website, and if your pages are loading fast and they don't have to wait to go from one page to another page, then you can do that with a slack loading website. People are going to get annoyed, your bounce rates are going to increase and it's just providing poor user experience. So be sure your blog or website is loading very fast because this is to be very important for bloggers looking to get ahead. 

7. Build your email list.

This is a current important aspect of blogging, and it Is also going to be the future of blogging as well. An email list, if all goes wrong, if your blog gets hacked, or you delete it for whatever reason, you can always take your email list with you and that's a list of people that have elected into to get more information from you. All of these subscribers can be your customers as well, so continuing to build your email list in the future of blogging is going to be very important. And if you are a blogger and you have not started building your email list, I definitely recommend you start collecting today. 

8. Blogging is going to remain in a long-term game. 

In the future of blogging, I feel that it is still going to remain a long-term game. You need to produce high-quality content on a regular basis, and you have to allow the search engines to take some time to find this new content on your website. You have properly optimized your content with SEO best practices in mind. It will take a while to start gaining some attractions within the search engines, to start gaining some organic traffic to your website. 

You can generate other traffic sources like social media and paid advertising. But one of your best traffic sources is going to be organic traffic from the search engines and SEO takes some time to build up your blog and your blog following in general. 


The last note as we are talking about the future of blogging is that it will most likely remain a long-term game, so you need to be patient in your access and your efforts. And we don't know the exact future of blogging and every little face that's going to be involved in blogging. But I think if you take in some of the recommendations that I wrote in this article, you're going to give yourself a huge advantage compared to other webmasters and bloggers. 

And remember one thing that blogging is always going to evolve. In my opinion, like I said, it's always going to be worth it. It's just going to change and evolve and morph a bit, so as long as you're okay to adjusting to that form as we move along, you should do just fine. Being said though, you need to be willing to implement new strategies and continue pushing forward with your blog and again, remaining patient as well. 



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